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Automotive dealer reinsurance is a specialized financial product that helps auto dealers fulfill their warranty obligations for vehicle service and powertrain contracts, GAP insurance, tire and wheel protection, and several other finance & insurance (F&I) products. Further, through ownership of their own reinsurance company dealers gain greater control and flexibility over all aspects of their F&I business while generating a new source of significant long-term profitability and wealth.


 The short answer is ‘no’.

Although some Advisors have a great deal of expertise with financial planning or investing, most are not familiar with the specific tax, regulatory, and compliance requirements concerning reinsurance. In addition, many of the nation’s largest custodians will not open or hold reinsurance accounts due to their international domicile or tribal nation status and other structural issues.


WHAT MAKES CB CAPITAL Your best choice for Automotive Reinsurance?

There are 2 primary sources of profit for an automotive reinsurance company, underwriting profits and investment gains. CB Capital has extensive experience maximizing both sources.

The Principal of CB Capital, Christopher Benoit, has over 20 years of dealership operations experience and has owned and operated an automotive reinsurance company since 2006. Over this time, Christopher has developed several best practices to maximize both dealership service department key performance indicators (KPIs) and reinsurance underwriting profits. This experience, combined with his financial expertise to manage reinsurance portfolios that optimize the cash-flow needs, tax situation and long-term wealth goals of dealer principals is truly unique in the industry.

CB Capital provides for an industry leading value proposition that, to our knowledge, is unmatched by any other firm.



Clients are treated as partners at CB Capital, meaning we proactively consult with dealer principals and agents on an ongoing basis to ensure that all elements of the reinsurance program are maximized to achieve their long-term goals. At CB Capital, we are successful only when our partners are successful.

The Firm has relationships with some of the largest reinsurance providers in the country. We can accommodate your existing reinsurance company or work with our industry partners to help you set up a new company.



  • Smooth, fast and accurate account set-up:
    • Domestic, International and Tribal Nation domiciles
  • 24/7 online account access
  • Partner level service for dealers, master agents and agents
  • Complete wealth management services:
    • Financial planning
    • Estate planning
    • Business succession planning
    • Company retirement plans
    • Risk management and more
  • Transparent and below market fees so you keep more of your wealth